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Unlock Screen

Unlock screen

The unlock screen shows you basic info like local wheather, local time and a sliding line calendar (I believe that these must be configurable modules and that the unlock screen doesn’t have to show any personal data). If you have setup a home location then, one tap over the time or the weather areas changes the info from local to home and viceversa).

The unlock screen have two sliders and both unlock the system exactly in the same way, but there are one difference. If you unlock the tablet with the left slider the system assumes that you are left-handed, right-handed otherwise. This way the menus fit naturally to your behaviour.

iNote Unlock Screen

You can unlock your tablet in two ways: Slide to unlock and Sign to unlock.

Slide unlock

When you unlock by sliding, not by signing, you access to the default public desktop. The default public desktop doesn’t contains any personal data, photos, email accounts etc. No recent items are shown in the apps and there is not home location. You can browse the web, access to the public projects system, public downloads and all the media, apps, tapps and control surfaces marked as public (by default) .

Sign unlock

Sign to unlock only works if you haver least one registered user. When you sign to unlock, the user desktop, private data, projects system, apps, media are shown. The sign is made by drawing a continuous line over a matrix of simple figures Like circles, boxes and triangles. You have to conect at least six symbols in a single finger movement (conecting the dots).


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