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What if?

Ok,a lot of time have passed since my last post. Too much work, too little free time.

Another try, another mockup.This time the victim is: the new MacBook Air.

Why? Well, when I hear the first rumors about the refresh of the model last week, an idea get into my mind.

What if I can run my iOS apps into the air?. It would be great, but some physical changes are needed to get this.

First we need access to the screen every time (we are talking about multi-touch apps, aren’t we?), so the old notebook model with a flip screen isn’t good. You have a keyboard between you and the screen.

Also I think that, in some way the iOS part of the air must be isolated from the Mac OS X side. Not fully isolated of course. In some ways you should be able to exchange data between the two sides of the equation. Let’s say that you are reading a web page in safari on the Mac OS X. Suddenly you realize how tired you are and how comfortable your sofa seems from your desk. Wouldn’t be great if you could close your laptop and continue with your reading on the sofa?

My concept try to solve the physical problem. The model itself isn’t great but I can’t develop it further.

Hope you like it.


Here are some images I did while I was finishing the model. All of them were published in Love Design.

This is the first one. The teaser. The model wasn´t finished by then. I really like this one’s copy sentence but please, forgive me for the next ones.

The following three shows the status and the OSes in each of them.
The first one. The MacBook is closed. The OS is iOS. The screen shows Mobile Safari.

Opening the Air. Screen shows the transition between Mobile Safari and Desktop Safari showing the same contents.

Full Mac OS X.


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